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Stuart Consumer Product Labs, the company that brought you the original restor HCG professional weight loss drops, is excited to introduce you to the next generation of weight loss: New and Improved!

restorSLIM™ professional, is a proprietary homeopathic natural weight loss formula. In a 1.69 fl oz dropper bottle, **when taking 7-8 drops 3 x a days, should last 40 days. The drops are taken 3 x a day for up to 40 days and works with a diet plan.*

Start the journey to a healthier, sexier you today!

restorSLIM™ is an all-natural proprietary, hormone-free homeopathic and amino acid supplement formulated to galvanize your weight loss plan*

Increased Energy*
Increased Fat Burn*
Increased Metabolism*
Reduced Appetite*

restorSLIM™ drops incorporate the groundbreaking research done by Dr. Simeons (creator of the HCG diet) with modern technologic and scientific advances to bring you a low calorie diet plan protocol. *

No hormones, no stimulants, no starvation - restorSLIM™ uses all-natural ingredients and proper macronutrient ratios to facilitate weight loss.*

Just as Effective:
Customers have lost 30+ pounds in a single cycle of the restorSLIM™ drops and following diet.*

Use the drops alone to lose just a few pounds, or add the low calorie diet plan for more dramatic results*

By combining the power of homeopathy with vitamin B-12 and amino acids, restorSLIM™ takes weight loss to a whole new level.*

How it Works:
restorSLIM™ works directly on the organs that control your appetite and how your body responds to food, creating an internal environment that favors fat loss rather than fat storage.*

Hypothalamus Regulation:
Your hypothalamus is the part of your brain that regulates appetite and moods, and it plays a role in your body’s natural inclination to either store fat or use it for fuel. restorSLIM™ helps “reset” your hypothalamus, reducing the hunger response that leads to cravings and “unlocking” stored fat so it can be used to fuel your body. The hypothalamus also indirectly controls your thyroid gland.*

Thyroid Regulation:
Your thyroid gland produces the chemicals that control your metabolism. When it works too slowly, your body becomes less efficient at using food for fuel and stores it as fat instead. restorSLIM™ helps regulate your thyroid function so your body is more inclined to use food to fuel activity instead of storing it away.*

Fat Burning:
restorSLIM™ also contains amino acids and vitamin B-12 to help keep your body running on high. Vitamin B-12 helps convert food into fuel, which increases your available energy without stimulants. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, and they play many roles in the body. They help stimulate the use of stored fat as fuel, and they help build fat-burning lean muscle.*

Favorable Internal Environment
The other ingredients in restorSLIM™ are a mixture of homeopathic remedies that help create an internal environment conducive to weight loss. They reduce inflammation that hinders fat use, they release excess fluid, they stimulate proper digestion and elimination, and they increase your body's fat burning potential. Cravings happen when your body is lacking something it needs, no matter how much food you've eaten - restorSLIM™ contains ingredients that help your body absorb more nutrients from the food you eat so your body is less likely to crave a particular food.*

The natural professional grade ingredients in our formula:* (PDF of product label)
Thyroidinum 8X - balances thyroid function
Anacardium 10X - controls appetite
Antimonium curdum 10X - controls appetite
Fucus versiculosis 1X - supports thyroid, regulates digestion, prevents constipation
Hypothalamus 18X - reduces cravings, increases satiety
Natrum sulphuricum 18X - eliminates excess water weight
Phytolacca decandra 6X - facilitates weight loss
L-Arginine - increases circulation, helps build muscle
L-Carnitine - fat burner, increases energy, helps build muscle
L-Ornithine - helps build muscle
Cyanocobalamin (vit. B12) - converts food into energy

Use with our restorDetox™ (click here) every three months for the ultimate weight loss experience.*

Diet Plan Overview:
Phase I

(begin the diet with a two-day binge that stocks up normal fat cells and prempts future cravings)
Begin using restorSLIM™ drops

Phase II
Low calorie diet-days 3 through 43
Use restorSLIM™ days 3-40
(continue low calorie diet for 72 hours after last dose of restorSLIM™)

Phase III
First transition - 3 weeks
No sugar or starches during this phase
Do not use restorSLIM™ drops anymore
Use restorDETOX™ drops for 3 weeks, right after you finish the restorSLIM™ drops, to help rid the body of toxins caused by fat burning. This will also help keep your metabolism working at an optimal level

Phase IV
Second transition - 3 weeks
Gradually add sugar or starches during this phase
Do not use restorSLIM™ or restorDETOX™ during this phase.

Directions: Adults take 7 to 10 drops under the tongue 3 times a day (am, midday, and pm). Do not drink, eat, or brush your teeth 15 minutes before or after taking these homeopathic drops. Try to keep drops under your tongue for 15 to 30 seconds and then swallow. restorSLIM™ is safe enough to use as needed.*

restorSLIM™ comes in a convenient 50mL (1.69 oz.) dropper bottle that is small enough to carry in your pocket or purse. No refrigeration necessary. Each bottle contains enough restorSLIM™ for one complete weight loss cycle if you use 7 drops ,3 x a day.

restorSLIM™ is made in the United States of America from USP grade raw materials and is then processed according to good manufacturing practices in an FDA-approved Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia facility that is used by Health Care Professionals Worldwide.

*Consult a health care professional before beginning any weight loss plan. These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Frequently Asked Questions:*
How much can I lose?
Your results depend upon how closely you adhere to the diet. Many customers have lost 30 pounds in a single cycle. The higher your starting weight, the faster your weight will drop.

Will I be hungry?
Not very. Focusing on fruits, vegetables and lean protein allows you to eat a lot of food for very little calories.

What if I have more weight to lose?
Simply repeat the cycle beginning at Phase 1 all over again.

What if I forget a dose?
Simply take your next dose on time, in the normal amount. There is no need to double the dose.

What if more than 10 drops comes out?
Any restorSLIM™ that your body doesn't need will be flushed out in your urine. Continue with your next dose at the normal time and in the normal amount.

How long do I leave the restorSLIM drops in my mouth?
Keep the drops under your tongue for 15-30 seconds before swallowing. This helps them absorb into your bloodstream faster without having to go through the digestive process.

Does restorSLIM need refrigeration?
No. restorSLIM™ requires no refrigeration, which makes it conveniently portable.

How does restorSLIM come out of the bottle?
Just hold the bottle upside down at a slight angle - the formula will dispense drop by drop.

Why doesn't restorSLIM have a dropper?
Droppers can come into contact with saliva, which contains bacteria. When you put the dropper back into the bottle, the bacteria contaminates the entire product. The restorSLIM™ euro-dropper avoids this by allowing the fluid to dispense directly from the bottle with no external dropper. Note sometimes air gets trapped in dropper, if drops aren't coming out, please shake the bottle.

What products are helpful during the restorSLIM diet?
restorAge™ or any GNC multi vitamins, restorDetox™ is necessary for Phase 3. Stevia and sucralose (Splenda) are good alternative sweeteners to help wean you away from sugar, and psyllium husk and flax seeds are good constipation remedies. Some times taking electrolytes are helpful for fighting headaches or lack of energy.

Should I take a fat burner while taking restorSLIM?
restorSLIM™ contains natural stimulant-free fat burners. That said, if you are already taking a fat burner that you like, taking it with restorSLIM™ won't cause any problems.


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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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