Natural Rejuvenation, Skin Care, Antioxidents, Weight Loss, Energy, Libido, Immunity, Muscle Support and All Natural HGH Releaser Complete, natural rejuvination formula for targeted nutrition. Promotes healty skin, weight loss and sexual performance


Active ingredients:
Berberis vulg. 6x, Antimonium crudum 10x,Arnica mont. 6x, Carbo veg. 9x, Ceanothus americanus 6x, Cynara 6x, Equisetum arvense 6x, Vitis vinifera 6x. Erigeron canadensis 6x, Aesculus hipp. 6x,
Fucus ves. 6x, Gingko biloba 10x, Helonias 6x, Hydrastis6x, Lespedeza capitata 6x, Ranunculus bul. 4x,
Raphanus sat. 6x, Robinia pseudoacacia 10x, Taraxacum off. 6x, Argentum nit. 10x, Hamamelis 6x, Cholesterinum 10x, Cinchona 8x, Viburnum prun. 6x. ( PDF of product label)

Great to use as maintenance during 3 weeks after last dose of restor weight loss homeopathic drops.
50ml (1.69 fl oz)

A good alternative to taking detox pills or herbal drinks: *

Proprietary natural formula helps eliminate toxins caused by the environment, use of medications, unbalanced diet. Promotes Detoxification,Drainage, and Cleansing by Stimulating excretory organs.

restorDETOX is made in the United States of America from USP grade raw materials and is then processed according to good manufacturing practices in an FDA approved Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia facility that is used by Health Care Professionals Worldwide

Our organism is a powerful, incredible machine which produces energy and metabolic waste. In addition, exposure to polluted environment, errors in diet, OTC and prescription drugs, cigarette smoking, and alcohol consumption, all contribute to toxic overload. When the waste is not removed efficiently and completely, it may accumulate and prevent the organism from functioning optimally, resulting in loss of energy, and over time potentially leading to chronic ailments. restorDETOX Professional is carefully formulated to drain and detoxify the emunctories. An emunctory is an organ or duct that removes or carries waste from the body.

The body has five detox pathways: *

  • The liver which is the most important of the emunctories as it not only filters and removes waste, but also neutralizes toxic substances.*
  • The intestines allow the evacuation of waste material out of the body. When this function is impaired, the toxins are re-circulated into the organism causing auto-intoxication.*
  • The kidneys filter and secrete metabolites and minerals from the blood and excrete them, along with water, as urine.*
  • The skin, which is our largest organ, execrates toxins through sweat and sebum.*
  • The lungs draw oxygen into the circulatory system and expel a gaseous waste- carbon dioxide.*

What is restorDETOX Professional Grade homeopathic drops?*

A safe and effective, natural homeopathic remedy designed to stimulate the excretory organs to promote optimal elimination of stored toxins.

For best results, complete a 3 to 4 week detox twice a year, in the spring and fall, or anytime after a diet, after vaccinations or a course of antibiotics.

Drinking at least 1 liter of pure water every day, is an essential part of the detoxification process.

Detoxifying the system will enhance any weight loss program or subsequent homeopathic treatment.

Directions: Shake well, keep 15 drops under the tongue for 20 seconds and then swallow. Take 2 times a day. Do not drink or eat 15 minutes before or after taking these drops. Use for 3 weeks. This formula should be used a minimum of twice a year.

Note: Our dropper bottle allows this liquid to be dispensed without the need for external droppers. Break open the seal and remove cap, turn bottle upside down and hold at a slight angle to start the drip.

Take restorDETOX for 3 weeks, right after you finish the restor weight loss homeopathic drops, to help rid the body of toxins caused by fat burning. This will also help keep your metabolism working at an optimal level.*

You can take , a complete nutritional rejuvenation supplement during Diet

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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